The YMCA will be offering a 12 week-weight loss challenge starting in January. The challenge is designed to promote healthy lifestyles and accountability through education and fitness. Participants will be held accountable with a registration fee and by paying $1 per pound gained at each weigh-in.

Activities Include: Educational seminars with a certified dietitian , food demonstrations, program specific workouts and more!

Prices: Members: $50 (equivalent to $2 a class)         Non-Member: $100 (equivalent to $4 a class)

All Inclusive for Non-Member: $200 (includes group exercise classes, weight room and wellness center access for the 12 weeks of the program)

Educational Seminar leader:

Megan Bren is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and has her master’s degree in nutritional sciences from South Dakota State University. Megan completed her dietetic internship at the University of South Dakota and served as a LEND trainee in which she received specialized training in order to work with children and adolescents with disabilities. Megan provides nutrition counseling and wellness programming to students, athletes and community members and specializes in weight management, sport and fitness nutrition. Megan has a passion for working with physically active individuals as she is a former collegiate athlete and understands how food affects performance. Megan is an active member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition dietetic practice group.

Fitness Instructor:

Marianne Hutchens is a former Division I and II strength and conditioning, track and field coach for 10 years. She is now working in the private sector as a Natural Wellness Coach/Sport Performance Specialist helping various populations achieve their fitness goals. She trains high school and college athletes to improve their sport performance through small group lessons. She also works as a fitness instructor/personal trainer at the Y. She offers online services that help the general public achieve their fitness goals through a realistic and permanent manner by offering strength training, metabolic conditioning plans, nutrition consultations/meal plan design, body transformation packages, and wellness protocols. Marianne has a Masters Degree from James Madison University in Athletic Administration as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Fitness from Purdue University. She is currently working to earn a certificate in Master of Herbology and Advanced Nutrition.


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