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Gymnastics helps children develop balance, strength, motor skills, and confidence. The Y offers recreational, pre-team, and team gymnastics programs.

Parent & Child (Ages 1.5-3)

This is a parent/child participation class where your little one will be able to
explore gymnastics and work on large motor skill development.

Preschool 1 (Ages 3-4)

Balance, coordination, and structure will be introduced in this class
with an emphasis on gross motor skill development.

Preschool 2 (Ages 4-5)

Children in this class will experience more gymnastics equipment while
working on basic introductory skills for Beginner 1.

Beginner (Ages 6+)

Learn beginner and advanced beginner skills on all four events.
No experience required!

Intermediate (Ages 6+)

Intermediate/advanced level skills that build onto the Beginner class skills.
Participants must have completed the Beginner class successfully and be approved in order to join this class.

*Sessions are 6 weeks long except for Summer Sessions which are 5 weeks*



This program is for those interested in joining our competitive team in the future.
Participants must try out or be invited to join this class.
Sessions are 12 weeks long except for our spring session, which is 6 weeks.
Please email the gymnastics director for more information on this program:



Our Gymnastics Team strives to develop happy and healthy athletes inside and outside of the gym.
We offer high-quality instruction while ensuring that athletes still have fun doing what they love!
For further information about our team program, please contact Keirsten Proulx:


Place your child’s belonging in a cubby
Please be ready to pick your child up at the end of class
If you will be late or pickup please notify the front desk

Hair must be pulled back out of the face
A leotard is preferred but athletic wear that is form-fitting is also acceptable
No jeans
No two-piece (bare midriff) attire is allowed
No shoes – socks are optional
No jewelry (stud earrings are ok)

Stay with your instructor during class
Follow your instructor’s directions
No horseplay
Keep your hands to yourself
No gum, food, or drink (other than water) in the gym
Failure to follow class rules will result in a “time-out” during class
Continued disruptive behavior will result in dismissal from class

Parents/guardians are not permitted to be on the carpeted area or any mats
Children who are not in a class should remain with the parent/guardian in the viewing area
Please allow our coaches to do their jobs and do not coach or distract your child

Payment in full is required to register and be on the class roster
50% if you choose to drop the class after the first day of the session
No refunds will be given after the first class

We do not offer make-up classes on an individual basis
If a class is canceled by the YMCA for any reason, a make-up class will be scheduled or you will receive a refund for the value of one class

If your child tests positive or is exposed to someone that has tested positive for Covid-19 you must inform the gymnastics coordinator immediately
It is your responsibility to notify the gymnastics coordinator of any relevant health conditions your child has
If your child is not feeling well or has a fever, please keep them home!

Season Details

Winter, Spring, and Fall sessions are 6 weeks long
Summer sessions are 5 weeks long
Registration opens a month prior to the start of the session
Registration can be done online or in-person
Registration is first come first serve
A class must have a minimum of 3 participants to remain on the schedule