Karate Moves (Ages 4-5)

Children can develop respectful behavior and basic karate hand and foot techniques. Optional parent participation is encouraged to support a shy child.

Low-Rank Class (Grades 1st-7th)

This class will teach basic Karate stances, hand defenses, kicking, punching, sparring, and bo staff. All participants will be taught self-discipline, respect for others, and karate for self defense only.

High-Rank Class (Grades 1st-7th)

Students with the proper rank and maturity refine skills and develop a deeper understanding of karate while preparing for the adult classes.

Adult Karate Classes (Ages 12 and up)

Training includes stances, punching, kicking, blocking, breathing, katas, self-defense, and body conditioning. As students progress, weaponry and advanced techniques are added. All grades below black belt and black belt degrees can be earned. Promotional certification seminars for degree advancement are available. The cost of each certification is $35.00 with the exception of black belts.

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